Whether you are an active trader or a passive investor, our trading account services cater for your every need.
Covering international and domestic markets, clients are given access to over 12,000 instruments worldwide across all major asset classes

  • Shares
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives / CFDs
    • Indices
    • Commodities
    • Foreign Exchange
    • Single Stocks

A full range of the instruments available to clients can be viewed under Markets & Fees.

Onshore Account

The Onshore Account is based in South African Rands (‘ZAR’) and provides unique access to a wide range of instruments on both domestic and international markets through one account.

This affords South African based clients with quick and easy exposure to international markets directly from their local ZAR account without the need to utilise their own individual allowance. Funds are taken offshore utilising Velocity Trade’s institutional allowance and held in custody on behalf of the client.

Any funds taken offshore to invest in securities on behalf of the client must be returned to South Africa and converted into ZAR should the client wish to withdraw their funds.

Please see our Markets and Fees section to view the range of markets available from an Onshore Account.

Offshore Account

The Offshore Account is based in foreign currency and provides access to over 30 international exchanges enabling clients to purchase, hold and sell securities in their own name.

As a foreign trading facility, the Offshore Account can be funded from any currency and may be based in either USD, EUR or GBP. This chosen base currency will form the reporting currency for the account and all cash flow transactions will be recorded in this currency using the relevant and prevailing exchange rate.

South African clients can choose between two types of Offshore Account:

  • Offshore Allowance Account: South African clients may utilise their allowances to transfer funds out of South Africa into a foreign currency account held in their own name.

    Once externalised, the client may use these funds to make investments and retain the proceeds from these investments offshore.

  • Offshore Asset Swap Account: South African clients may choose to make use of Velocity Trade’s Foreign Investment Facility, which enables them to open an offshore account in a base currency of their choice and purchase foreign securities.

    Should the client wish to exit their investment, their funds must be repatriated to South Africa and converted into ZAR before being available for withdrawal.

Please see our Markets and Fees section to view the range of markets available from an Offshore Account.