Chart Trading

Send orders with one click. Just put mouse on the price level you need and click to send a limit or stop order. To catch a market price use the trade buttons that allow you to send market orders and limit orders at Bid or Ask price instantly.

Market Depth - Quick Buttons

Take advantage of quick market opportunities by sending one-click limit orders directly from the market depth. Use a series of special buttons with customisable pips increments. This decreases the time required to set order prices, this in turn, streamlines the scalping process.

Basket Trading

Evaluate the advantages of basket trading using Saved Orders:

  • Send predefined sets of orders simultaneously with a single click
  • Open positions on multiple instruments instantly
  • Save custom sets of orders in a basket to be accessed on demand
  • Allocate quantities for all orders easily on the main Saved Orders screen

Easy Orders Management

Feel safer when working with multiple orders! Hot buttons allows you to:

  • Cancel orders by type, side, TIF, P/L or selected ones.
  • Modify selected order
  • Change to market selected orders

Quick Position Management

Manage and monitor all your opened positions from a single panel. Use the hot buttons to close or reverse selected positions instantly. Additionally, you have at your disposal a CLX button allowing closing position and canceling of all orders for selected instruments with one click.

Orders and Poisitions Layers

Manage orders and positions directly from the chart:

  • Drag & drop an order to change it's price
  • Close positions and cancel orders with a double click
  • Visualize your exit points and set a Stop Loss/Take Profit instantly

Time & Sales

Follow the tape and it will show you the momentum for action. For comfortable trading you can use Time&Sales alongside the Market Depth panel.