Grid Panel

Open several panels at once. With the innovative Grid panel you can open multiple Charts, Market Depth, Time&Sales or FXboard cells and load instruments to them quickly.

Table Filters and Alerts

Streamline your trading workspace for quick implementation of your strategy. Using table filters you can customise panel data. For example, managing a large number of positions can be made easier by opening two Positions panels with filters to display only profitable and negative positions.

Panel Linking

See your selected instruments in all panels by linking them together. When linking panels, they will display the same instrument information without the need to change instruments in each panel manually. Likewise, you can link panels by accounts.

Customisable Toolbar

Do you want full functionality that is only a click away? With the help of a fully-customisable toolbar you can easily create your own arsenal of platform features. Furthermore, you can place it in any part of the screen or hide it.

Colours and Data Appearance

You can select the most visually appealing trading environment possible. Protrader’s interface features both dark and light colour schemes. Additionally, you can personalise the colours, set font styles, define displayed data, and indicative options for all panels. All settings can be saved to a file and loaded to the platform at any time.

Dockable Panels

Make sure all the functions are where you need them to be by locating panels in any order on the screen. In addition, panels can be docked on top of each other to create a set of tabs.

Multiple Workspaces

Create a trading environment that looks the way you want it to. Set functionality and its location according to your needs. Create as many workspaces as required and switch among them simply with one click.