As a global leader in Foreign Exchange, Velocity Trade provides FX trading services and liquidity to institutions and corporations to assist in managing risk, while providing superior pricing and execution.

Through our expansive network of banking, counter-party relationships and liquidity providers, we are able to service our clients with a comprehensive set of FX products and services competitively tailored for institutions and corporations.

Our team of FX professionals provide clients with bespoke FX services to suit their unique business requirements. By understanding the challenges that currency exposure has on our clients’ business, we are able to develop strategies that remove unwanted currency risks whilst optimising opportunities that present themselves.

To summarise the features of our corporate FX services our clients benefit from:

  • Our specialist FX Trading Desk provides support on execution, risk management and hedging strategies.
  • Our experienced Client Services and Payment Teams complete all documentation and BoP (Payment) forms, thereby removing the administrative burden associated with SARB processes and procedures.
  • Multi-bank wholesale pricing
  • Free FX Market Research
  • Access to a wide range of FX instruments
  • Real-time FX trading systems

How it Works

Step 1:

Complete the simple Online Registration by uploading/emailing your KYC/FICA documentation:

Step 2:

Complete the Authorised Dealer documentation and email signed copies back to us.

Step 3:

Receive details of your Settlement and CFC Accounts.

Step 4:

Submit your foreign invoices for payment and request live exchange rate quotes by email or telephone from your personal FX Dealer to secure a favourable rate when satisfied.

Step 5:

Receive a Client Trade Confirmation and SWIFT Payment Confirmation for your Foreign Currency payments and receipts.