Rich Set of Indicators

Make in-depth analysis with the help of over 60 system indicators. Not enough? Easily add your own custom indicators at any time.

Drawing Tools

Analyze price action patterns with the help of a wide range of drawing tools and easily draw as simple as sophisticated elements of analysis.

Exotic Chart Types

Get a new view of the market from different angles. You can use regular chart types (such as Candle, Line, Bar) and exotic charts like Range, Renko, Kagi, Forest, Point&Figure and more.

Custom Time Frames

Customize your time frames with no limits. You can always change time frames to the value your trading strategy requires in order to make your analysis even more precise.

Chart Overlay

Easily monitor correlations between instruments you trade. Place two or more instruments directly on the Chart in order to compare their price actions.

Market Data Window

Get all info about current or hovered bar at a glance. The market data window is customizable allowing you to display data in a way that is familiar to you.

Chart Data Sources

Make your technical analysis even more accurate by analyzing charts of bid, ask, trades, last, Bid/Ask average, and Bid/Ask Max/Min prices separately.

Tick Charts

Use tick data to identify the most favorable short-term entry and exit signals. The tick chart shows minimal price changes for bid/ask or trades.