Fund Ratings

Choose the best fund to invest in the list of available funds is accessible in the Fund Ratings panel. Compare funds' performance by using the advanced statistics pages wide range of parameters.

Add Fund to Monitoring

Monitor the performance of any fund using Fund Ratings. If you like a fund but for some reason choose not to join it, simply add it to the monitoring panel to watch it more closely. This panel can be opened at any time so that you won’t lose your favorites.

Fund Liquidation Levels

Limit fund losses and gain investor trust by setting a liquidation level for your fund. If this level is reached the fund will automatically be closed and all investors will get their balances back.

Fund Manager Rewards

As the fund manager, you are able to set the high watermark and choose from four types of reward:

  • Fixed rate
  • Growth %
  • Fixed rate + Growth %
  • Percentage of managed capital

MAM - 4 Allocation Types

Speed up the process of sending orders for several accounts. Define how order size will be allocated between accounts by choosing from 4 allocation types: lot multiplier, lot allocation, proportional by balance and proportional by equity.

MAM - Quick Account Management

Exclude accounts which do not meet margin requirements with one click. Once the order allocation has been set, the system automatically checks all accounts. After this unneeded accounts can be disabled by the manager with one click.